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The Hero's Journey

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Aug. 6th, 2009 | 11:50 am
posted by: sammy_h in lost_odyssey

Today in my short story class, we were taught about the Monomyth - The Hero's Journey, and also discussed the different archetypes and types of heroes. It was vert fascinating. In particular, the Monomyth got me thinking about the sort of the stories I engage with, and naturally...Lost Odyssey was one of them.

So, I propose a bit of discussion on the structure of the story. A thread on character archetypes and hero types can be another thread. If you're unfamiliar with the Monomyth, or you don't get the gist from my offering, then please tell me, and I will briefly explain the theory.

So, here's mine, my look at Lost Odyssey from the POV of Kaim. I welcome you to disagree with me, and add your own theories. 

The Hero’s Journey (Kaim)

Ordinary World
Kaim returns from Wohl battle, we see him in Uhra, serving Gongora.

Call to Adventure
Gongora orders Kaim to inspect the Grand Staff worksite.

Refusal to Call

Gongora has (allegedly) protected Kaim through his magic for the past 30 years.
Seth encourages Kaim to not disregard his past.

First Threshold
Kaim meets Lirum and remembers Gongora betrayal.

Tests, Allies, Enemies
Things like getting the know his grandchildren, Mack taken by the forest, capture and escape from Numara, Ming joining as an ally, and Kaim’s return to Tosca.

Approach to Inmost Cave
Possibly the old mansion, due to the emotional impact of dealing with the further memories of his daughter, and meeting his wife again.

Kaim and Sarah sacrifice themselves aboard the Aurora train for their grandchildren.

New allies and the Nautilus, and later still, the White Boa.

The Road Back
The hunt for Grand Staff, trek through GS, and the battle with the Acolytes.

The immortals’ final battle against Gongora. Kaim chooses the lives of his mortal allies over an end to his immortal life.

Return with the Elixir
Kaim is at peace with his lot as an immortal.

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