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The Numara Atoll Trick

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Aug. 30th, 2009 | 09:38 am
posted by: sammy_h in lost_odyssey

How many did it? Who doesn't know about it?

I've always used it, and love it! For those not in the know, here's how I described the 'trick' to a person on DA:

What you need: "Turn-tail", "gamble" (spirit magic you earn for praying at all the kelolons in Tosca) and "casting support" (gained from Cooke).

Make sure: Everyone active can do spirit magic level 2, two people can do casting support, and at least one person can use turn-tail.

About silver kelolons: They have 980 HP, and are quick, resistant little buggers. The only way to kill them is to use gamble, and even then, that character will need another to back them up with casting support.

The Trick: Head to Numara Atoll, save and run around. If you meet a Hell Shaker use Turn-tail and flee immediately. If you meet silver kelolons you're in business! Two characters do casting support while three use gamble; so imput gamble, casting support, gamble, casting support, gamble. I can't guarantee you'll get a high enough number to kill them off (being gamble, the number is random), but most of the time you should be able to kill at least one. Once you reach level 49 it will revert to only giving you 1 exp, but will still give you 8 SP.

Note: Once Ming and Sarah reach high levels and have Reduce Casting Time 1 and 2 equipped, they will be fast enough to hit the silver kelolons without the need for casting support. When you're at this stage, only one person should be using casting support.

Remember to save often, and when you're low on MP, leave the map and return to refresh.

As awesome as it is, the process can drive you insane, especially when gamble dishes out double digits.

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